How to Fix Avast VPN Problems?

VPN services are so helpful. They increase users’ security, anonymity, protect the transferred data. That’s why the number of users, as well as VPN providers, keeps growing. One of the popular solutions nowadays is Avast SecureLine VPN. Especially for Avast Antivirus users. However, some complain that the software doesn’t work properly. In case you also face problems when using this program, try one of the following solutions.

Top 5 Ways to Solve Avast VPN Problems

If Avast VPN doesn’t work on your device, try doing this:

  • Start with checking your Internet connection. If there is no connection, the problem is not with the VPN software. Fix the connection, and try turning VPN on again;
  • Verify your software is up-to-date. It might help resolve the problem and eliminate any glitches;
  • Switch servers. If you usually use the same server, changing to another one is the simplest way out. There might be some problems with the server. Luckily, Avast offers many servers in dozens of countries. Changing to another one won’t be a problem;
  • Reinstall the latest VPN profiles. Some users face problems with Avast VPN when the settings are wrong. To fix the situation, one should go to Settings and click on Reinstall the VPN profile. If the problem is caused by a glitch in the software, this reinstallation will eliminate the issue;
  • Verify you’ve paid for the services. Check if your subscription is active. In case it expired, and you weren’t charged for another year, pay for the service. It’ll activate the services, and you’ll be able to use a VPN again.

The Most Radical Solutions

In case nothing worked and you still have problems with Avast VPN, you can uninstall the software and then install it from scratch. If the problem is in the software, it’s likely to disappear. Mind that you’ll have to log in again as well.

Restarting the PC is always an option. It usually helps fix most minor bugs regardless of the software. Try this method for your problem with a VPN. Speaking of PCs, if your OS is too old, the software might have problems with proper performance. Update the system and see if the issue disappeared.

Finally, in case you’ve tried everything, but nothing helped, you can contact the support team. Managers can help you fix all problems remotely. Yet, it’s usually a time-consuming process. Avast also has lots of useful articles that might help.


Some users face problems with using Avast VPN. It’s a normal thing if they happen once in a while. As a rule, these are minor issues that could be easily resolved with one of the methods we’ve just discussed. In case you have any problems with the program, try these solutions.

However, if you face such problems all the time, think about switching to another VPN service or looking deeper into the problem. Perhaps, it’s not the software issue. You’ll have to take measures accordingly.

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