Using Trello App for Remote Learning

The current changes in people’s lifestyles all over the world lead to the reconsideration of distance learning. For parents and guardians, anybody with children in any type of distance learning mode, remote education is an issue. 

It derives from the idea that classroom education and remote one differ significantly. It is the case in the United States and Europe right now. Of course, some may say that it has nothing to do with cybersecurity. It is true, but partly. Education happening in cyberspace is still education. And using the right tools may as well contribute to the security and wellbeing of users.

Distance Learning Responsibility

The tricky part of all of this is that distance education puts a lot of responsibility on the kids, the teachers, and the parents trying to organize and remain structured. One of the biggest problems that people are having now is keeping everything organized because every teacher does things differently.

They’re thrust into technologies that they may not fully understand or are particularly trained on. They have to get up to speed. Thus, the organizations, learners, and teachers should give some credit for the teachers trying to learn all these types of things and then trying to organize it. 

The same applies to the parents and the kids trying to be the primary organizers, rather in a classroom, a setting where the teachers are driving the schedule, driving the assignments.

Now it’s not only one course, it’s all of the courses. So how one does that? Yes, there’s Schoology and infinite campus and other technologies, depending on what school districts you’re in.

But, again, the problem is that everybody does things a little bit differently. And the last thing you want to do is every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, get the emails, look into infinite campus and find all these missing assignments.

Not that the children aren’t doing the work, it’s just that they missed because it was over here or over there. And it’s challenging to keep things tracked. Parents are working or home now, too, and can’t be that 24 seven guides for the children about an independent work setting.

In addition to that, many have to focus on our careers as well. They want to keep working and doing what we need to do to make sure that all the bills get paid and, and food on the table and et cetera, et cetera.

What is a technological solution?

You can develop a great product or a great process in your mind, but if your users or your target audience doesn’t accept it, they won’t adopt it. Security is the same way. And reflecting on this, there are different methods to figure out how to organize the week and track things down.

Trello is a Key

After considering this situation, one can find an online service called Trello to be just what they need. Now, this software or online program has free options. And this may work for you, or it may not work for you.

You may have a system that works, but this technological choice can improve your distance ed8ucation, specifically with an agile. Obviously, you’re not going to do a full agile type of setup.

Why it is useful

However, taking Kanban boards and designing it in such a way that works for distance learning is an excellent solution. Be sure, after a couple of weeks, you will see that there are no missing assignments. The grades have gone up, and the days have been significantly less stressful. Having this, you will know precisely when the week is planned out, and there really is no mystery.

By course, you could set up your Kanban board by day or any type you want to do it. But, uh, at least it gives you an idea to really use technology, leverage it, and centralize it. What you’re really doing is you’re centralizing your tasks.

Now, Schoology is supposed to do that, but it doesn’t put them all into one place to one service, but each teacher might do it this way. Some teachers might put it in a word doc or a Google doc. Some people might do it in a PowerPoint presentation. 

Some people might list it out, and they just do think a little bit differently. So you go through, and you create all your tasks. You put them in as, as, as tasks in your lists. And then, as your child completes the task, they slide over to, you know, a reviewed list.

You got these done. And then you move them to complete. That also means that they’re not missing work throughout the week or problem having that on Thursdays and Fridays, realizing that there were four or five missing assignments.

And now there’s twice or three times the amount of work that has to be done by Friday, which is extremely stressful and frustrating and all of these types of things. But we’re a couple of weeks into it. 

There is an iPhone and Android app for it, so one can have it on their phone. Every time one adds a list or something comes up, and a message comes in. It can be added to the board. There is a notification; you can see it. Be sure, and it is good enough for distance learning people experience today.

Bottom Line

Trello is just a fantastic type of setup. It may work for you and may not, but share it with other parents so that they may find value in it.

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