10 Tips about Secure WiFi App

Did you notice a new app on your phone? Many Sprint users started their day by seeing a new app icon on their smartphones. A Secure WiFi app is a Sprint application created to help users protect their data. Let’s put together a list of facts about the app that you’ll find useful.

What Is the Secure WiFi App?

According to the developer, Secure WiFi App is a dedicated application for Sprint users. It encrypts the data every time a user connects to the Internet via a public or unsecured network, public hotspot, etc. Whenever the app detects this kind of connection, it automatically turns one and activates a VPN connection.

The app aims to increase users’ security when browsing the Internet. This encryption protects personal information like passwords, logins, etc. No third-party source will be able to monitor your activities. As soon as the smartphone disconnects from the unsecured network, the app turns off, automatically as well.

Despite the ambitious goals, users got conflicting impressions. Many users complained that they woke up to see the app appeared on their phones without receiving permission for installation. Some were more concerned with the fact that it’s not working properly.

10 Facts about the App

In case you can’t find enough information about the app, here are the most significant facts you should know:

  • The app has already over 50 000 installations;
  • SecureWiFi is lightweight and doesn’t require much of your space;
  • When users launch the app, they see the status (enabled or disabled);
  • The app also offers to purchase 24-hour Secure Wi-Fi, the services that one may buy once to get protection around the clock. Keep in mind that the cost will be added to the Sprint bill;
  • Besides, the company also offers to get a full-time secure Wi-Fi subscription for about $2 per month. This cost will be added to the Sprint bill as well;
  • When using the app, users may see how many protected hotspots they accessed, the amount of data used, the number of sites visited or apps used;
  • Many users conclude that it’s a scam, but it’s a VPN service;
  • The app was designed to enhance the users’ security when they use public Wi-Fi;
  • Secure WiFi was initially released on August 22, 2016;
  • The app is free but offers premium upgrades, too.

The Verdict

Secure WiFi App is a free service developed by Sprint. It works as a VPN whenever a user connects to the Internet via a public hotspot or an unsecured network. The data encryption helps protect users’ passwords and other data. Hackers won’t be able to track users’ activities or login information.

If you want to add this app, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play. One may even use it without using Sprint services. In this situation, the bill will go to the iTunes account or the Google Store account.

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