Vtunnel Service – Pros and Cons

If you come across Vtunnel and you have no idea what it is, this brief overview will come in handy. Today, we’ll get to know more about the service, what it offers, and the main pros & cons of using this solution.

What Is Vtunnel?

Vtunnel is a proxy service. However, it also works as a protected SSL encryption service. It serves to help users access restricted sites and content. In brief, it hides users’ IP addresses so that sites can’t see those users visiting them. It’s also an opportunity to access sites that are blocked in users’ regions. For instance, users get more content on YouTube, may access various social media, etc. As an encryption service, Vtunnel allows accessing sites and platforms like MySpace, eBuddy, Twitch, Imgur, etc.

In addition to being a free anonymous web-based proxy service, the site operates as a CGO Proxy service. A proxy server is a server that acts as a link between the client and the website. However, Vtunnel stands out because it offers a form-post method. It implies that users can log into the websites they access. Most free proxies don’t offer this feature.

How to Use Vtunnel?

The service is simple and straightforward. It’s easy to use because users only need to enter the site they wish to access. The service will divert the chosen site or page and deliver the needed information. So, go to the home page and fill out the provided form by entering the site you want.

Once you start using the service, you’ll be able to visit any website anonymously. Vtunnel can bypass any restrictions. For instance, in case your employer or organizations like schools block access to specific sites, this service can avoid the restrictions and deliver access to sports, torrents, dating, social networks, etc.

Pros and Cons of Using Vtunnel

Using Vtunnel has certain peculiarities. While users don’t need to install any software or change any settings, there are a few pros and cons one should know beforehand. Let’s summarize the main ones.


  • Ease-of-use;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Access to blocked content;
  • Free to use;
  • Completely hide IP addresses.


  • Relatively unknown;
  • No confidence in the security of the service;

Other Facts about the Service

Vtunnel is a website that offers CGI proxy services. They are needed to visit websites anonymously and to be able to manipulate the requested documents. For instance, this service allows not only viewing the content from restricted sites but also logging into the account, posting new content, etc. However, Vtunnel works entirely through the web browser. Users won’t have to add any extensions or download applications to access the service.


All in all, Vtunnel is a web-based proxy service. It’s simple but has several pros & cons. Users can also explore the Internet and find plenty of similar solutions. Before using any, users should learn more about the reputation of the site and its reliability.

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